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Power up your restaurant or takeaway and increase your online sales by using our online ordering software made for restaurants and takeaways.


Easy control, with fundamental features that will optimise your business

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Start taking orders with your own branded ordering system today from your restaurant or takeaway.

Stand out with unique content to your brand and allow customers to order food online or reserve tables through your own website, Instagram, Facebook, or your own app.


A Tried & Tested System throughout the UK

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Fast, Secure & Reliable

In the UK, our presence is well established amongst many restaurants, we have been operating our ordering system for over 6 years with a large volume of restaurants, cafes and takeaway signed up, with some of our restaurants easily taking up to £45,000 per month.

Better user experience to maximise sales

Online Ordering System

Our system is designed to make your customer experience is even better, our responsive design makes the order online system adaptable to all devices from a smartphone to a laptop. 

Previous customers will have addresses saved, as well as saved card payment methods in order to improve quicker checkout time.

Our system is designed to up-sell upon ordering, with the ability to perusade customers to upgrade to large and additional items such as extra cheese, to maximise your sales to the fullest extent

Rich data analysis for your management

We provide the most powerful data analysis for you from top performing items to the most loyal customers.

Get real-time order information on current orders, past orders, repeating customers, new customers, google ranking, daily performance updates, popular items and so many more, all on our Hungry Desert Dashboard.

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Everything is in your control, unlike other platforms

Noodle Group Ordering

Unlike other platforms, our system can adjust to your needs such as customised printing and how you want to customise your receipt layout from font size to how you want to list your order, no more generic layouts with our system.

You can change your menu such as adding new items and deleting items to adjusting your opening hours within seconds without any hassle.

After heavy market research, it suggested that many platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo restrict access to many important features, we are 

constantly adding new features every week based on new feedback. 


Our Platform is used by over 3000+ Restaurants Worldwide

Noodle Group Takeaway Ordering

Understand what we do further, see a in-depth detail of our online ordering systems and how we provide world class sales reporting, customer reporting,

and how we develop bespoke website designs and applications to keep your customers engaged with your restaurant brand.

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