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Our story begins in the UK, when one of the founders originally developed the online ordering system for their own restaurant, however multiple of restaurants approached the founder and wanted their own system. Here at Hungry Desert, we decided to help restaurants by designing and adopting a perfect online ordering product that in a world that demands convenience, we help restaurants in getting online and provide them tools to engage with customers, increase their reach and improve their operational efficiency. We're constantly improving our software and technology.

The founder realised restaurant owners don't have a choice. Either they go with one of the big portals such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Talabat, who charge between 30% - 35% commission on every order, or ask the web agency of their choice to build a custom module - which turns out to be very expensive as well. 

Our founding team have a rich knowledge from the restaurant operations to the online ordering software.

Over 25 Million

Orders Processed


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in Dubai, UAE


Record Takings of


1 Restaurant, 1 Month


Established since 2013 in London, UK

Over 3000 Satisfied

Restaurants Worldwide

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